You DON’T have to grieve forever.

 There is hope after significant loss.


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Grief & Widow Coach


In a previous life Kari was a middle school math teacher with her MAED, and then ran a successful online video-editing business.

But one Sunday evening her husband, Eric, suffered a massive brain aneurysm with irreversible and instant brain damage.

That was February of 2017.

Eric was 43, Kari was 38, and their girls were 8 and 11.

Kari took a 3-year sabbatical to navigate her healing journey, help her grieving children, and figure shit out.  During that time, Kari became an Advanced Grief Recovery Method® Specialist and Certified Life Coach for Widows… gaining even more personal transformations.

Essentially, Kari became the woman that she needed in her darkest of times.


Because your person dying is absolutely horrible…

But   E V E N   H A R D E R  is trying to figure out this new life in the absence of your person.


Kari has since met, fell in love with, and married Dave - her “Mr.Match” - in this new chapter. He is also a widower.  They live in Stilwell, KS with Rachel & Laurel, and in the home that Eric built.

Not a day goes by where she doesn’t think of, miss, love, and wish Eric was here. But she loves this new life she’s created, too.  You can have both.