Hey, I’m Kari. 

In February 2017, life sent our happy little family a helluva curveball.

My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly of a massive ruptured brain aneurysm with instant and irreversible brain damage. He was on life support for 3-days without hope of recovering and by the end of the week we had held his Celebration of Life.

It left us on a new uncertain and very scary path. I was 38 and our daughters were 8 and 11.

I sat in my grief; it was a familiar and welcome place.

But eventually I didn’t want to be there anymore. I had two little girls depending on me, I had to do and be better.

And that’s when I started searching for a better way.


I did & read A LOT of things and every little bit helped… but when I finally participated in The Grief Recovery Method®, it was THAT at helped me find permanent healing.






And that’s why I’m here now - it is my passion and purpose - as a Grief Recovery Method® Specialist… to help you. To speak to your groups, to help you become more intentional and purposeful in life.  

I hope you stick around a while…