Hey, I’m Kari. And I am your Brave Motivator.


Once upon a time I was in direct sales. Like for 10-years. And the company I was in, I kinda conformed to their expectations and didn’t truly live and accept myself for who I was. Heck, maybe I didn’t really know what I was back then.

I saw people be successful and I did what my upline told me to do - “emulate them, and I’d be successful, too.” And I was successful, in my own way but I wasn’t being true to myself. And shit just didn’t feel right, ya know?

I eventually took more and more of my direct sales business online - and I made videos to connect with my people. Because let’s face it, direct sales - or any business for that matter - it’s a people business. And relationships need to be cultivated.


And I had fun with the videos. Lots of fun. And my people loved it.


Eventually I started an online business called DRISKOTECH in February 2014 with the intent on helping rid the world of crappy direct sales videos. I was helping hundreds and thousands of women create kick-ass videos for their Facebook Parties and social video strategy. As a previous middle school teacher with a Masters Education, I’m good at it. Life is going awesome and I dove deep into my business.


And then life sent me a bit of a curveball.


February of 2017, my husband died unexpectedly from a massive ruptured brain aneurysm. It shook our world and put me and our two daughters onto a new journey with an uncertain path. It hasn’t always been pretty, some shit is down right ugly. But we are healing in our own ways as we learn and grow into our new normals.


This is my journey and as everything else, my business shifted.

DRISKOTECH was my late husband’s college nickname - and as I’m moving forward in life and in business, eventually I will release that name and take on my own. It’s about moving forward… piece by piece, step by step, and stepping into my new self, into my new life. And not by turning back into the pages of a book that’s been closed.

I’m writing a new book, for this new life I’m creating.

And I’m brave enough to do it.


I hope to inspire you. I’ve been through some shit. And I have come out on the other side - if there is another side, and I continue to move forward. I want you to be brave enough to do the same with whatever you’re doing or going through.


You know, I’m a different person than I was before Eric died. And I like who I am a whole lot better now.


Sounds fucked up, doesn’t it?

But my priorities and perspective have shifted. I have no tolerance for bullshit - I give zero fucks. I feel emotions more intensely. I have more of a sense of urgency - cause life is fucking short. And there’s so much more to life than the hustle.

Sometimes the grief will stop me in my tracks. But I’m learning that as time continues on, I’ve become more productive in the world again, definitely accepting and owning who I truly am, and passionate about sharing my insights, perspective, experiences, and life lessons from my journey.

Take it from a recovering workaholic who was married to an incredible, young, successful, high-profile high-school football coach who was also a workaholic… it’s important to really take time for the people you love in this world, to REALLY take time and prioritize these people. And those people are more than likely those who live in your home.

It’s important to embrace yourself fully. You get this one precious life to do it right. To do the things. To love your people. To appreciate the things that I took for granted.

And it’s time to step into your spotlight.



Be BRAVE ENOUGH to do it.

Be BRAVE enough to BE it. To be YOU.


I’m also here to help you work smarter and not harder, so you can put time into those you love… It’s about working to live, not living to work. Make the most impact online and in your business so that you have the time to enjoy the moments with your people.


And be true to you - because otherwise shit won’t feel right. And you only have this one precious life…


Blessings to you and yours. I hope you stick around for a while…

With all my fuckin’ love.

Be Brave Enough to Do It.

Oh… and to the college professor I had who called me into his office to discuss my thesis paper, only to tell me that my writing sucked….

To you, I say, “Fuck off… I’m still a successful person who contributes awesome stuff to the world!”


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