Brand Yerself In Video

like a smart business woman would in the tech world we live in.

Branding is important for yer business.  And no, I’m not talking about yer company brand.

I’m talking about YOU.

But it’s more than just using yer face.

People recognize yer shizz and you don’t even have to have yer name on it. I mean, you should.

But still.


It’s yer style. It’s yer vibe.

And yer videos need to be the same way.

Branding Yerself in Video
Branding Yerself in Video
As a soloprenuer, branding is important. Let me share with you all about what I've learned & lived through when it comes to Branding in Yer Videos.

Let me walk you through yer video branding… yes, there’s such a thing… in this BRAND NEW mini-course.

I felt like I had a pretty good grasp of branding before the webinar but the info Kari gave really helped me to see how I could tighten it up. I’ll be more consistent with my branding, not just in my videos but across all aspects of my business and my social media presence.

Jenessa Keller

Definitely got some great tips and advice to go about building my brand and was given some ideas on specific things that all add up - like specific colors and fonts you use!

Shelby Lynn Downey

I was lost before meeting my newest best friend! I seriously had no clue how to market myself or find my niche market. Kari cleared up a lot of my confusion. I now know what adjectives describe my brand, I know who my ideal Customer is and I have a better understanding of how to talk to my customers in a way they’d be happy to relate to me, especially in video. Thanks Kari!!

Vanessa Pronge


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