a RANT: Compliment Someone’s Home When You Enter

a RANT: Compliment Someone’s Home When You Enter
So my life experiences can sometimes turn into a rant. I can’t help it… it gets the best of me, I just wanna be like, “pfft, people.” And these rants always have a lesson… I promise. As direct sellers, we’re in people’s homes a lot. And, well, this woman came into my house and you won’t believe what she said about it…
What do you think? Am I wrong? I know it probably reflects more on her than it does on me, but for the love… manners?!?!

Compliment Someone’s Home When You Enter

My hair is so curly I’m thinking about getting a bird prop because it kinda looks like a nest…  (bird on hair) there, that’s better. She didn’t say nothing about my house… (Intro Music) From the desk of Driskotech… Storytime! I love stories. Some of my best shizz comes from stories like this. Cause yer kinda like, “Really?!?! People…” and there’s always lessons learned. Once upon a time I was in direct sales. And this really doesn’t have anything to do with direct sales; I mean it really just has to do with being a person in somebody else’s home. But if yer in direct sales, yer probably in people’s homes. And here’s the deal. Homes are important. Like when people invite you into their homes, yer kinda like opening up your world to them. My husband completely disagrees. He’s like, “a home is just a place where you sleep.” But I think as women you would relate, that a home is like the family’s soul. Okay, so it’s not the family’s soul, but you can tell a lot about somebody by their home. How they decorate, the things that they use, the colors that they use, family photos or trinkets, or memorabilia out on display… memorabilia… ha… how do you say that word? Like football rings and footballs. It’s in my house. It’s not in yours? But you might have dead animals on the wall. Homes convey… the family. So here’s the deal… somebody came into my home, who will remain anonymous, it’s another woman, and she came into my home and looked around. And I caught her looking around and snooping around, and peeking into rooms. We made eye contact so she knows that I caught her. She said nothing. Nothing. Not a word. Not a peep. And I was like… nothin’? Compliment their home. Duh! Here’s the lesson when you go into someone else’s home either as a person for the first time or when yer going into someone else’s home and yer the direct seller: As soon as you walk into their home, compliment their home. Make it genuine. There is always something you can say: “Oh, I love how you decorate!” “Oh, the color in the kitchen!” “Where did you get that couch?” “That chair!!” “Awwww, look at yer family photograph!” Look around! This woman is opening up her home to you… looking into the depths of her family’s soul… Okay, not really, but you know what I mean. Don’t say nothin’ about her house! This person came over to my house and said nothing. I caught her snooping, peeking around… She said nothing. Nothing! Be a people person and compliment something. Again, be genuine. Okay, she said nothing but you know what would have been worse? If she’d said, “awwww, yer house is so cute.” That would have been worse. I hear with short people it’s the same thing; short people are always “cute.” This person lives in a larger house than me so it would have been worse for her to be like, (sarcastically) “yer house is so cute.” That would have been worse than saying nothing at all. Lessons. From life. From me. Listen, I’m just being real. Yer probably in people’s homes. Compliment them, please. Be genuine. Find something that you can compliment their home  on. Love my people. Pfft… she didn’t say anything about my house…

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