With all this Live Streaming, Don’t Forget YouTube

With all this Live Streaming, Don’t Forget YouTube

There’s some perks in live streaming and yes, there’s times and situations for it. But, and big BUT… you cannot forget about the power of YouTube!

Promise me you’ll use both, please! A little bit of work up front can have some big pay offs!

Check out these stats:

  • Make one dang good video and it gets lots of views.
  • When you post a video on YouTube, people can find it & you can share it with ease.
  • 59% of video viewers will watch a video until the end IF it’s less than a minute long. (That’s hard to do without editing.)
  • 80% of internet users can remember a video they saw even 30-days after seeing it. (So you want it to be good!)
  • You’ll lose 20% of your viewers in the first 10-seconds of yer video. (Get right to the point.)
  • At the 30-second mark, you’ll lose 33% of your viewers.
  • At the 1-minute mark, you’ll have lost 45% of your viewers.
  • At the 2-minute mark, you’ll lose almost 60% of your viewers, no matter how long the video is.

Eeeek! Keep yer videos short & sweet. Edit. And harness the power of YouTube… yes, even as a direct seller.

With all the Live Streaming stuff, don’t forget YouTube!

You can’t forget the edited YouTube video!  Here’s why…


I’m not gonna lie to you.  It is easier just to stream a live video.

First there’s recording it, editing it, and then publishing it.  They make it SO easy!

But, I’m here to tell you, don’t forget YouTube!  There is power in video!  Yeah, we get that!

But, now who’s the #1 search engine!  1.6 billion people use Google monthly! 

And, who does that search engine happen to own?  (YouTube)

And, when you post video on YouTube you get findability (SEO=Search Engine Optimization)

And, you really truly have to respect the time of your viewers.

No!  You can’t always do an unedited or live video and only post those on Youtube.

Ain’t got time for that!  I’m just being real!  Love my people!

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