the Fairy Garden

the Fairy Garden

Okay, people, this may be one of the cutest things I’ve ever created besides my two daughters…

First of all, it’s summer. And my 11-yo, Laurel, desperately needs projects to keep her busy. She’s made a huge ass bucket list; one being a ‘she-shed’ and suggesting a fairy garden was my super sad attempt to distract her from the super expensive summer project of a she-shed.

It started out well as a little project for the two of us… of course it ended up getting finished as just a mom project because she could sniff out my distraction technique. But seriously, it’s the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever created besides my kiddos. Show I’m showing it off since it’s our first and now I’m excited to do a second one now that I know things a bit better…

And I love that we created this garden in my late husband’s Radio Flyer wagon… we gave it a new life!


Find where I found the supplies after the pictures!


I got river rock & potting soil for the base, and a few flowers at HOME DEPOT.

The rocks, pebbles, and sand was found at THE DOLLAR STORE! I’d definitely recommend that! I was told they had a lot of fairy garden stuff, but I didn’t find anything else at my store when I went there.

One of the best things I got that truly transformed the garden was miniature dwarf plants. Believe it or not I actually got them off AMAZON. They worked out great!

HOBBY LOBBY had some spring stuff at 50% off - that’s where I got the lady bug, grasshopper, windmill, bird, and toadstools. They had actual fairy homes but we found unfinished wood structures in the back at 40% off and decided we wanted to paint them. The dollhouse section also had loads of miniatures we loved!

I found the fairy figurines on ETSY… I just didn’t like them from anywhere else.


 1. Use your finger and merely make a trail of where you want your stream/path. Let the sand and the small pebbles be one of the last things you do because otherwise dirt will land in it and it’s a bitch to pick out.

2. The plants make the magic in my opinion. It’ll help you hide the cute little details and ‘things’ in your garden. You want someone to sit and look and discover all the little surprises over time and not just all at once.

3. Have few things handy for your garden once it’s all said and done… like a spray bottle of water, I’ve been spraying it down every morning because I’m afraid a straight watering will wash away the dirt. And a fine little paint brush to help you brush away dirt from your buildings and such. And a pair of tweezers to help you rearrange or pull dirt out of the sand/pebbles and whatnot.




Happy Fairy Gardening and Making Memories with your People!!!