ARUBA! How We Fly For Free!

ARUBA! How We Fly For Free!

My husband died almost 3 years ago. He and I valued traveling, reconnecting as a family, reawakening with nature, feeling and seeing the beauty of God’s creations. We traveled a lot, but don’t be impressed. It was mostly a shit ton of camping trips. Drive 8-hours in one direction with our camping gear in the back and stay for a week. We’d do that twice a year - as he was a football coach and it was basically the only times he could get away and we could plan a longer trip. 

But we’re not tied down to his schedule anymore. We recognize that. And we’re using it to our advantage. Because traveling is good for the soul in so many ways.

In the past almost 3-years we’ve made “taking the trip and doing the thing” a higher priority.

Eric died when he was only 43, and our girls were 11 and 8 at the time.

Since Eric died, we’ve

• enjoyed a long weekend in Dallas, Texas

• enjoyed a week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

• road-tripped to Chattanooga Tennessee, onto Georgia, and Hilton Head, Florida

• had a weekend in Branson, Missouri

• taken a 5-day Mexican Cruise

• enjoyed a week of Orlando and Ponce Inlet, Florida


And we’re now we’re about to embark to Aruba for 5-days.


Take the Trip,

Do the Thing.

Curious how we fly for free?


I would be, too. And, damn, I wished I had known this little secret before my husband had died… I wonder where all we would have gone as a family had we known…

No regrets… let’s move forward.


Since we’ve made this one little change 2-1/2 years ago… we’ve flown for FREE ::

• 1 seat from Kansas City to Dallas, Texas

• 1 seat from Kansas City to Puerto Villa, Mexico

• 1 seat from Atlanta, Georgia to Houston, Texas

• 1 seat from Houston, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia

• 3 seats from Kansas City to Atlanta, Georgia

• 3 seats from Jackson, Florida to Kansas City

• And now, 3 seats from Kansas City to Aruba

• 3 seats from Aruba to Kansas City



When Eric died, a very good friend of ours suggested Financial Advisor, Ali Haghi. I went in sad, depressed, easily bawling state of mind and I fell in love with this man. He’s truly been more than a financial advisor and investor for me. He’s been a mentor, counselor, and friend. And his office and staff is more than welcoming, always greeting me with hugs and questions about our girls.

Ali is a widower. He lost his wife at a very early age of 23. He gets it.

He has given me so much incredible advice, but this one little something has been pivotal for our value of traveling…


“Join the Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card.”

Ali and his team suggest that we put our utilities and whatnot on it and use it as our primary card. I mean, hell, we have to pay these bills, right? Might as well receive a perk! (Of course, pay it off - as is any credit card advice.)

But it accrues flight points. And if you accrue so many points within a year, then you qualify for a “COMPANION PASS” and you can name someone as a “companion” for a year - so whenever and where you fly, this companion can accompany you on the same flights for free.

Which means this past Deathiversary of 2019 when the girls and I went on a Mexican cruise I put the expenses on our personal credit card. Then earlier this year I signed up for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Business Credit Card and started putting my business expenses on that card which combines with our personal credit card, and it pushed us over the edge to qualify us for a companion pass! Now my 14-yo daughter, Rachel, flies with me FOR FREE whenever and wherever I go for a year!

I have been telling anyone and everyone about this card because it has been such a blessing in our lives- and especially now that they announced that flight points will never ever expire!

We pay our household bills on this credit card, have our utilities and whatnot direct deposited on it, large house projects on it when we can, and any trips and whatnot of course. Again, it’s important that you pay it off as quickly and as much as you can — that’s solid credit card advice, period.

But it’s been instrumental in allowing us to continue to travel. We’re gonna pay those bills away, might as well receive a perk, right?


And yes, I realize that we’re blessed to be able to take these trips, get away, and connect with each other - to do this bit of heart work because of Eric. #BecauseOfEric

But we always would take him over these experiences. #DamnItEric

(And yes, these are affiliate links and if you sign up with your own southwest rapid rewards credit card, then I’ll receive up to 50K flight points, please and thank you.)