Death is Inevitable, Loss is a Part of Life, but Suffering is Optional.

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There is no timeline for grief.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it.

You’re not going crazy.

And only you know when you’re ready to not be actively grieving any longer.


Sometimes we need help


because we get stuck in the waiting room…

waiting for someone to take away our grief,

waiting for ‘time to heal’ us,

waiting for someone or something to make life better.

But it never comes.

Because that’s not how grief works.




 YOU have to do something to shift from a place of grief to missing them.


Yes, there’s a difference between grieving and mourning and missing your person.



Grief is painful.

 It’s conflicting emotions; it’s like a war in your heart. It’s consuming and overwhelming. It’s also normal and natural and your supposed to grieve, and it’s supposed to hurt.


Mourning is

the outside world being able to see with their eyes that you are actively grieving.


Missing your person is just that.

Missing them. You might be sad sometimes. You might cry sometimes. Some moments might be more or harder than others, but it’s not the consistent and overwhelming pain of what it was like when you were actively grieving.

Missing your person is not forgetting, or not loving them, or not wishing they were here with you… but just missing them.

This work helps lighten your emotional load and remove the pain that holds you hostage.

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“When I started this journey with you I could not catch my breath. I was lost and so terribly grief struck. This year, in particular, was very hard for me. Probably harder than year one, and it’s year 15! I had no idea my grief was so constant, deep and hard. Grief had stolen me and my life!

You taught me that it’s okay, I am okay, I am normal, I am really okay. You listened, shared, and cried with me. My heart is much lighter after these 7 sessions with you. I am okay, Kari - Thanks to you.”

- Griever TH

“I felt like I was lost, still looking for how I could cope, and just trying to keep my head above water after the death of my husband 2 years before. My once-confident self was diminished and I was unable to deal with the common things. I was stuck. I believed that this type of grief was part of a normal process that I just had to go through no matter how long it took.

Since completing the program with Kari, I have felt lighter and more joyful in my daily life. I now feel able to embark on the adventure of the rest of my life. I am steadily completing projects that seemed completely daunting before working with Kari. I feel like me again. My only regret is not doing this sooner.”

- Griever TS

The Grief Recovery Method®  is the only evidence-based, action-oriented grief support group program helping grievers effectively deal with the pain of loss. The process helps grievers address their incomplete dreams and expectations for the future, as well as their unfinished business in that relationship.

GRIEF is NORMAL & NATURAL, no matter how messed up it seems.

When my husband, Eric, died suddenly in early 2017 I couldn’t see myself where I am today. I was in a place of deep, dark despair. People kept telling me that in time I’d feel better, but I quickly realized that time didn’t heal shit. 

I was tired of feeling stuck; waiting for something to happen or someone to do something to help me feel better. And so I started searching for anything and everything that would help me release the anger, the sadness, and the overwhelming grief so that I could feel alive again.

I tried a lot of things, did a lot of things, read a lot of things. And all of it made me feel better for a little while. But it wasn’t until I discovered The Grief Recovery Method® where I have experienced permanent emotional freedom from my husband’s unexpected and untimely death.

And now, I’m here to help you.

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Over a year ago, I lost my husband /best friend of 26 years to cancer. I had never experienced deep, gut-wrenching sadness and grief until he passed. The reminders of our life and love together were constant every day. My house made me sad. I didn’t know what to do, how to act or how to stop crying.

My adult daughter was worried about me. She had heard of Kari through a friend. I started following Kari on her Facebook page. Just from Kari’s posts and videos, I knew that she fully understood what grief was. She had lived it as well. In Kari’s posts she talked about the Grief Recovery Method and how it helped her move on from the sadness and despair. I wanted that.

It took me several months to gather the courage, but I finally made the discovery call to Kari. I’m so glad I did. I felt a connection right away and signed up for the 7-week program.

The work was a bit exhausting at times. Dealing with grief is not an easy task. However, Kari is so down-to-earth and easy to talk to. She takes the time to really listen. The work that we did together was very therapeutic. I noticed subtle changes over time. My mood was lighter. I started cooking meals again (something that my husband and I had often done together). I was open to hosting small family dinners. I wanted to decorate for the holidays. My house made me less sad. I could listen to one of “our songs” without bursting into tears. The grief became more manageable.

I still miss my husband and always will. No person will ever fill the hole or the space that he occupied in my heart for so many years. But, I feel that now I can start to move forward. Each day seems a little less heavy. If you are stuck in grief, I highly recommend Kari to help pull you out.”

- Griever JW

Before I joined the Grief Recovery Program with Kari I had NO idea how much I truly needed it. I joined on a whim thinking “oh, maybe this could be interesting” since I had lost my mom 5 years prior. Before the program, I thought I was doing just “fine” but I was blown away by how many things were still unresolved regarding my mom’s death. Kari was the perfect person to help me through this grief work because she was warm, trustworthy and super open right from the start. It made me feel better about being so vulnerable. Kari truly cares about helping you through the program and she gets vulnerable with you so you never feel alone on your journey. Kari is also funny and personable so it was easy to talk with her. She created a true judgement free zone during every session. I feel a huge sense of relief and calm like a weight has been lifted since completing this program. I really had no idea I could feel better like this after losing my mom. I am SO glad I found Kari and this program. I only wish it was sooner!”

- Griever SC

“Two years after my husband left me for his affair partner, I still felt stuck. Even with a fantastic therapist, I couldn’t get myself past the anger and the feeling of injustice. Going through the Grief Recovery program with Kari helped me let go of the resentment and really identify the loss I felt. She walked me through practical, active steps that can be used over and over again to better understand my grief and to be able to move forward.

Kari is incredibly supportive and talking to her always felt safe. I rarely feel comfortable opening up to people - usually insisting that I’m fine whether I am or not - but Kari is amazing at cutting through that BS and getting to your heart to focus on your healing.

Completing this program with her helped me move forward through my divorce but it also set me up to better handle the losses that life will inevitably throw at me in the future.”

- Griever AS

☎️ FREE Discovery Call

You will not ever regret doing this work.



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