Group Coaching & Training

Group training & coaching is a great way to get time with Kari Driskell, especially if yer on a budget. And as a bonus, it grants you access to a Facebook Group of other DRISKOTECHIES (a link will be provided to you in the automatic scheduling confirmation email).
Every month, live video sessions will be offered with Kari via Zoom on a rotation of topics pertaining to yer video, video strategy, and more. Seating is limited in group coaching sessions so that registrants can have the best experience. 
Group training will be recorded and provided to the registrants and are ONLY for the registrants. 
*Due to the limited seating of these group sessions, and because it’s being recorded, refunds will only be granted to those who cancel through the provided email link prior to 48-hours.


Group Session

What a fun, helpful hour this was! I have been putting off making a new Facebook party video because I wanted it to be awesome. I’m not an out-of-the-box-thinker on my own. Kari’s ideas and tips during this session filled my head (and notepad) with ideas and I’m not chomping at the bit to get the video going. 

Thanks for more help branding my business to me and setting me apart from the other consultants in my company.

Katie Beth Huntley

I had a wonderful time in the Facebook Party Video Brainstorm session.  I heard lots of ideas for different companies and was inspired by them.  It was fun to listen in.  It was amazing to bounce off my own ideas and questions and get jolted into ideas I never even though of.  I can’t wait to make my next video.  You’ve been amazing.  I’ve learned so much.  So glad I chose the EE course.   Rachel Donat

It was so much fun to be able to brainstorm with other like-minded individuals and bounce ideas off of for the creating process of a video for my biz. The feedback received is well worth the investment of your time to participate. Having these discussions in this type of setting made me feel more comfortable sharing ideas and opinions, and the feedback I received is invaluable. Crystal Stary

The Facebook Party Video Brainstorm was nothing short of excellent. Being able to get multiple opinions on ideas, especially Kari’s, was so helpful. I ended up with more ideas from that brainstorm session than I had been able to come up with in my own in over a week. Plus I was able to be a part of the solution for others, too. Getting a fresh, outside perspective from other direct sellers with different companies helped me come up with new ideas that I am so excited to put into play! I highly recommend the Brainstorm! Bonnie Swadling

Oh wow, I knew brainstorming with Kari would be helpful, but I didn’t realize exactly how much!  For a while now I’ve been wanting to update my party video, and although I’ve had a few basic ideas, I didn’t have anything concrete enough to actually make a start on it.  But after chatting with Kari, and listening to the other girls on the session, I’ve now got some really clear ideas!  I can’t wait to get started! (and that’s saying something…  normally I dread making videos)   Thanks so much Kari” Sheree Dennis

Coming up with new video ideas can be hard! I never know if it’s creative enough; am I showing the right products? Too much talking or not enough?? How do I even show this product so it makes sense???  The brainstorming session with other amazing women working their parties in the same way I do was not only the funnest hour of the day but I came away with ideas for my party videos, videos for my VIP page, and how to incorporate my branding (or theme) throughout the party experience for my guests. Jenessa Keller

With new products coming out in the next few months, I was looking for some new, different video ideas to do with my company’s products.  Kari shared some general ideas that would work for most companies and then some specific ones for each style of product.  I came out with some great ideas for our new products even though I don’t know what they will be yet, which products to feature and highlight and even some funny, relatable videos all will enjoy. I love these sessions to bounce ideas off of other consultants from a range of companies.   Lindsey Pierce


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