Awesome Images Training for Direct Seller Facebook Parties

Things to Remember:

  • Images set the tone of yer Facebook party.
  • Images give a glimpse into who you are & yer personality.
  • Images can build momentum.
  • Images, especially in yer preparty posts for yer Facebook parties, give small doses of what to expect.
  • Images allow you to personalize & brand yerself, especially to yer target market.
  • Yer images can help you stand out from other reps in yer company.
  • You want yer images clean, organized, easy to ready, & aesthetically pleasing.
  • Consider colors!  Using complimentary colors (colors opposite the color wheel), will make things “pop.”  
  • Consider the purpose of yer image.
  • Sometimes less is more, you don’t want it to be too visually stimulating.
  • Use easy to read fonts, with complimentary colors to their background.


  • *create a consistent “stamp” or “watermark” for yer future workStamp.Black
  • *protect yer work with a watermark!


  • change background colorsbrag.
  • add yer own images
  • resizing
  • adding text to yer image; adjusting so it’s aesthetically pleasing
  • fading
  • adding & layering overlays
  • adding stamp/watermark
  • removing watermarks & that terribly unethical practice
  • save




  • *transparent backgroundPicMonkey Collage 1
  • *removing the background with with free select
  • *putting yer image on a transparent background
  • *cropping in PicMonkey

  • background color & texture BA.difference
  • themes
  • specific color via hex code
  • adding yer own overlay
  • flipping image
  • exploring overlays
  • specific sizing
  • text alignment

  • geometric shapesarmparty.22
  • duplicating texts & overlays

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