What to do with your Periscopes without Katch

What to do with your Periscopes without Katch

With the recent announcement of KATCH.ME closing their doors, entrepreneurs are in an uproar. But they need to keep their panties from getting in a bind.

Take a deep breath.

Lemme tell you what I plan on doing with my Periscopes without Katch, oh, the sweet, sweet awesome automation of Katch. You shall be missed.


Now lemme show you how I plan on doing it, by editing a Periscope with a video editing app on my phone. (Which, I have to tell you, I’m not a huge fan of editing APPS; you just won’t have the control that you’d want for big projects, that’s why I only use it for the simple things…)

You are going to be able to survive periscope without katch, I promise.

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