My Rebranded Social Media Calendar

My Rebranded Social Media Calendar

After Eric died, I took quite the sabbatical. And it’s okay… I don’t feel bad about it at all, not one bit. I needed. it. And I slowly came back to work. Sometimes working just by checking emails. Sometimes I’d make a social post. I still had my scheduler active on my Facebook page, so at least the page wasn’t dying. And I noticed whenever I’d share how we were, the response was incredible.

But I wasn’t excited about my work anymore. I wasn’t excited by my business. I mean, I liked it, I loved it - and I still love it - but there was so much of Eric wrapped up in my online video business even though you wouldn’t be able to tell so just by looking. I mean, even the name DRISKOTECH was a name given to him in college when a coach walked in on him in the football locker-room dancing. (That story makes me smile every time.)

I needed to get excited about it again… and so I decided to rebrand.

Rebranding is a whole other blog topic…

Once I rebranded, then it was time to reorganize my social media calendar… I like consistency, and I work in a weekly rotation mainly. Sure I’ve got some monthly items, but I needed to focus on the routine of the weekly posts. That first.

First, I took a peek at my Facebook Insights on when my people were online.


(Go to Insights on your Facebook Page, and then click Posts in the margin on the left)

Looking at the information provided, nothing really hadn’t changed the past year in regards to when my people are online.

The majority of my people are still on between 8am - 9pm. And that tells me that I’ll want to post just before 8:00 to grab that growing population, create some engagement on a post so that it’ll continue to snag those coming online a little bit later and since there will be engagement on my posts, Facebook will continue to give it a good push. That is, of course, with good content. ?

Secondly, I mapped out themes for my social media calendar.

I considered my purpose and mission - which is to continue to serve my target audience in social media worthy videos, especially in the edited Facebook Party Videos. I mean, that’s how I financially support my family, right?

But I also have a new story to share… our grief journey.

One of my followers called it “Brave Motivation.” I fucking love that.

I want to be a wake-up call to women like who I was before Eric died. That’s all part of the Rebrand Story so I won’t elaborate, but I jotted themes down on notecards. I put a constant - something I could schedule on the left side… and something that I’d have to be a little more spontaneous with on the right side. Of course this will evolve. A theme may be removed or one may be added. But for now, this is what I’ve got.

The Themes to DRISKOTECH:

I wanted some TEACHING POSTS. Whether that be about business in general or video, but ideas and thoughts and practices. Because whether or not you ever invest with me at DRISKOTECH, I’ve always known I want to bring value to you.

I wanted to bring VIDEO TIPS. Now of course, there’s some image posts and then some video posts that I’d share.

Of course I’ll be sharing my BLOG and rolling out new posts, too.

I’ve learned to share TESTIMONIES from clients and followers and students of my Editing Ecourse. I’m no dummy, I still need to do some marketing.

I’d need the SUNDAY UNPLUG post. We all need reminders to take a day off of work each week, I just happen to take Sundays off completely always.

And then I’d be incorporating our GRIEF JOURNEY into DRISKOTECH’s marketing. It is part of my life and always will be and we are continuing to live despite our world shattering when Eric died. It is part of our message, my message. Sharing it and hopefully inspiring you with it is what’s making me excited about business again. And I know that like the VIDEO TIPS theme, I’ll also want some of this to be in image posts and also video posts.


And all of those items are items that are constant, pieces that I can have in the SCHEDULER (<< click that link to be taken to the scheduler I use on my business page) and rotate through, because I have that many. And then I’d have 3 things that I’ll have to share spontaneously, but maybe kinda schedule… these are the items that are on the right.


I want to go LIVE with my audience once a week. I want to connect and visit, answer questions, share ideas, and elaborate on thoughts from earlier that week. Going LIVE should definitely be a part of everyone’s strategy.

I know I want to share RANDOM LIFE stuff. Lots of personality posts. This helps in opening myself up to people. My followers know me because I’ve been an open book, even before Eric died. My social media strategy has always been to share our lives. That makes me relatable… and people know, like, and trust people who aren’t perfect on Facebook, just saying. On another note - check out my friend, Brenda Ster’s ebook on her 3 P’s. She addresses marketing with personality in this free gift. Alone with her other P’s It’s worth the read for sure! And it’s easily consumable.

Lastly, I know I’ve got to promote DRISKOTECH - that’s the MARKETING piece. Where I share my product and services with my people. And I don’t want that in a scheduled rotation. That seems spammy.

So I grabbed my weekly social media calendar and started penciling shit in.

It took me about 3 times to sketch out where I wanted things. I tried spacing things out so that shit wasn’t too ‘on top’ of eachother. But, while I’m in the heat of some of the topics, I also wanted to ride the wave of some of them. For instance, my grief posts have been getting incredible reach online.

People are nosy.

It’s a taboo topic.

It’s real and raw and we’re still freshly in it. 

Sharing our journey is helpful for me. I know it’s part of our healing process… and the video I post on grief is gonna get big reach and engagement (the weekly #WidowWednesday video) so I won’t have to make a post for the rest of the day, or not until later because it’ll carry the page a while.

And I don’t want to over-post because then, well, that’s just over-posting, you know? People will find that annoying - like I find it annoying - and then I’ll block or hide and then I lose people and lose engagement. But i do want to follow the grief video with a grief quote post. Because I know I’ll be gaining new followers with that video, and more than likely they’ll be there for the grief stuff. So it’s trying to find a fucking balance. Good luck, right?

So this is what I came up with.

And please know this may change a little over time…


The rectangles are image posts, circles with the highlighter are videos.

The line through Sunday is because I won’t be posting at all the rest of the day, it is my day of rest.

If my people on Monday are like me, it’s a catch up from over the weekend day, and I try to stay super focused and get as much administrative work done as possible - I stay off Facebook more this day, or at least I limit myself. So I decided to start the first video of the week on a Tuesday. I kinda did that before Eric died anyway, and it worked out nicely.

And the blanks are pretty much open for me to engage with my followers and perhaps make another post. I still need to add the BLOG posts in there, I’m toying with the middle of the day on Saturday’s. But I want to update the images with the new rebrand and whatnot so I’m not exactly ready to start marketing that content just yet.

Wednesday I’ve only got one thing - the #WidowWednesday video about grief - but it truly is making the most traction on my Facebook page right now, so if I make another post on Wednesday, it won’t happen until afternoon or evening. Make sense?

Here’s a closer look:

 I keep this weekly calendar on my desk, near my desk, hanging beside my computer, or in my calendar so I know when not to hit the publish button, but instead, click the SCHEDULE button on my Facebook business page. So, yeah. Shit happens to me and I want to share it right away, but it might have to wait just a little bit… until the time is right and it’ll avoid something through my SCHEDULER.


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