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Video Stuff

Here’s all the GADGETS everyone wants to know what I recommend… all on one little shopping space and from my favorite place, Amazon. Ha!

At the bottom of this link are two download links; one is the software for yer computer, the other is the app for yer mobiles. This IMOVIE software should already be loaded on yer computer. The app and the software look different, and of course, the software has many more features. And when you use it with my Editing Ecourse and you’ll be creating video awesomeness in no time.

Since Microsoft is fading out Movie Maker for the PC (shaking my head), we needed to come up with an alternative. After testing many free editing software options, VIDEOPAD is what we found that is most like Movie Maker and has some additional features that we loved! It’s also available on Macs and mobiles (but it’s difficult to use on a small screen). And yes, a new Editing Ecourse will be created to accompany this software! SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS LINKED PAGE TO ACCESS THE DOWNLOADS!

Are you looking for a way to record yer computer screen when working on a window’s computer? I used Screencast-o-Matic when that’s what I was working on. Of course, a mac computer has QuickTime that you can record on, so this isn’t necessary unless you’re looking for a circle around yer cursor and/or your face in the corner of your screen as you record.

My most favorite of all places to get backdrops (okay, they have other cool stuff, too). But by searching WALL TAPESTRY you can definitely fall down the rabbit hole of incredible artwork that can serve as yer video backdrops. (There is a black/white backdrop also listed in AMAZON GADGETS, that I have and recommend, but Society6 has my favorite quality & options).

The easiest place to get FREE MUSIC that yer not worried about getting flagged by social media police. And did I mention it was FREE? Check the fine print; you may have to give credit in yer description on some songs.

Another place to get FREE MUSIC that yer not worried about getting flagged by social media police is new and from Facebook. And did I mention it was FREE? 

While there’s lots of places to get music to use for yer videos, if yer willing to pay, AUDIOJUNGLE is one of my favorite places.

VIDEOHIVE is a great place to get broll for yer videos. Be sure to read the fine print of the license.

Business Courses

Need a video service like a killer Facebook Party Video? Or do you want to learn how to edit yer own “video awesomeness?” That’s where I come in. I’ve helped HUNDREDS of women create awesome videos for their online businesses to help them brand themselves, stand out from the crowd, and build personal relationships with their online customers & hostesses. I got you, girl!

This course from the smart lady, Kelly Paull at Directly Successful was amazing! It’s where I learned about Facebook marketing and pushed my online business like crazy. I still continue to look at the lessons of this course. I can’t recommend it enough. This is not an evergreen course; she will open and close it’s doors as it’s a live class with her. She teaches some other incredible business stuff you should check out, too!

Brenda Ster from the Sassy Suite knows her stuff and has pretty incredible free Facebook group helping the solopreneur from her epic Facebook Party to social attraction marketing.

These girls teach the 30-minute virtual party, relationship marketing, and are a ton of fun.

I’ve watched my good friend, CJ Summers, build and grow some incredible direct sales businesses over the years. I’m talking like top levels of leadership. She is THE leader’s leader. She’ll help you get unstuck and to the next level of leadership you want.

Dana Wilde from the Mind Aware is my go-to mindset gal. You can’t help but listen to her and feel a million times better. Her podcasts, her daily email mantra. She works a ton with direct sellers and I adore what she offers!


I’ve seen the back end of this software. It’s amazing! If you do a lot of parties or as an entreprenuer you do a lot of trainings via Facebook groups or events, this is the software for you! TEMPLATES! Templates rock! You set it up one time and BAM! Yer done. You just plug in the date of yer party. And… you can customize it using an easy shortcode, which they teach, so you can easily address your hostess by name during the scheduled party with total and complete ease!

I’ve been on the inside of this software, too. and CinchShare is also an amazing tool. You can schedule yer hearts content in groups, events, or on your pages. No templates, but it’s super easy, you can organize yer posts in categories, and I love how it saves your posts in the software, so later down the road you can reuse it maybe even somewhere else!

Create yer social media posts via category and schedule them in a weekly calendar. The best part? You can make a post evergreen content so it goes to the bottom of the deck and will roll out when it comes time again! This is most definitely an entrepreneur’s scheduler versus a direct seller’s scheduler.

Other Business Stuff

Trello is the app I fall back on daily, either on my computers or my phone. I organize my entire business on it, including brainstorming blog posts, projects, new courses as well as organizing testimonies, processes, and links! As a person who thrives on lists, Trello makes the world a better place.

I make 99% of all my graphics using PicMonkey. You can use their free service, but their paid service is really affordable and gives you access to everything. 

This is the scheduler I’m currently using because I wanted it to integrate with my Zoom account. So far, I’m loving it. The client experience has a great flow and it’s affordable.

Video Conferencing is where it’s at if you have an online business and team members far and wide. Easy to use and great support. It’s my #1 choice in video conferencing services. You can screenshare, mute peeps, and even take over someone else’s computer… with their permission of course… which is super handy when yer talking tech.

I’m really impressed with VistaPrint for business cards, marketing materials, banners and more. Order with this link and you’ll get $20 off an order of $40 or more!

My fabulous accountant. Need I say more? She’s easy to work with, works with local and online clients, and specializes in small businesses because, well, let’s face it… we need the help. ?


A transcriptions service for $1 a minute. Can’t beat it.

$5+ for whatever you might need. Logos, easy editing, transcripts, caricatures, music, jingles, animation, conversions, heck I’ve even ordered my mom a birthday phone call from an Elvis impersonator! Beware of the rabbit hole you can fall down though. Haha

I’m all about making life easier and I hate to cook. I hate to plan. I hate grocery shopping. And as a solo-parent and entreprenuer, this is something that I’ve decided I don’t have to do since there’s companies like Hello Fresh - which is who I use. This link will hook you up with $40 off your very first box!


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