I’ve been through some shit. 

And you probably have, too. Because that’s how life is… 

And if you haven’t been through some of life’s hard shit, beware… it’s coming.

It’s just how life is.

In February 2017 my husband died suddenly of a massive ruptured brain aneurysm with instant and irreversible brain damage… and it sucked. It was the hardest shit I’ve ever done.

But as I’ve risen out of the deep dark pit of grief, I’m not settled for just surviving anymore…

I have decided to thrive!

And I want to share the gift of grief with you - perspective.

I’m telling you - every person, every experience you have helps mold you into the person that you are destined to become. And I am who I am right now because of every chapter of my life up to this point, even the chapter of my husband’s death. And I’m so incredibly thankful for it. Yup, I know that sounds fucked up. Cause it’s been the worst chapter of my life…

But it’s true.

It’s made me stronger. It’s made me braver.

It’s made the me that I am today. And I like who I am now a helluva lot better than who I was before…

Listen… I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.


Ask my mother. She’s a tad bit mortified of me saying “fuck” so much since Eric died. But I’m not apologizing.


And while I might not be your cup of tea, I might be the shot of whiskey you’re looking for.

Hope you stick around a while.


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