My Video-Making Process

My Video-Making Process

Lots of people want to know

“how long it takes you to make a video?”

so today I decided to time it!


After I set up, it took me 10-minutes for the recording… then I sat down and edited for 28-minutes until I hit that SAVE button.

Want to watch me do it? Here’s my process in under 5-minutes (yup, I sped it up 1000% for yer viewing pleasure).


And here is my finished video…

See?!? It really doesn’t take that long to make a huge impression on yer people with yer video. It’s worth the time, really. People come back to me, they watch the complete video because it’s short enough but chalked full of content; interesting and entertaining for them to watch!

Are you ready to take yer videos to the next level?

Check out my Editing Ecourse. You can’t go wrong with it.


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