Video Training for the Jewelry Lady doing Facebook Parties

Video Training for the Jewelry Lady doing Facebook Parties
I used to be a jewelry lady… I did it for 10-years. Loved it. And I was really excited to hear that the jewelry company I used to be a part of opened their doors to recognize Facebook Parties as a part of a way for the jewelers to serve their people!

Now, I am not affiliated with any direct sales company. But I felt led to make this video, sharing what I know about video, video marketing, and video in yer Facebook Parties. This is what I do full-time - helping others create “video awesomeness,” so let me share some tips with you!

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Let’s Talk Facebook Party Videos & Some Tips!


Hey, jewelry ladies! You are allowed the flexibility of the Facebook party!

I truly understand your need to keep things personal, in an online environment.

I know, cause… 10 years!

Now, I do this (Driskotech) full time.

Keeping things personal in business in an online environment means that you’re going to be including video. But there’s a little more to it than just hitting the record button. You need to look like you know what you’re doing. My name is Kari Driskell, and I’m with Driskotech, and I help incredible direct sellers and small businesses create what I call, “Video awesomeness.”

I teach video, I train in video, I edit video. I teach you how to edit video. We like to have fun, because no one comes to Facebook for stuffy stuff.

Educate, sling the bling, and be entertaining at the same time. Let people connect with you.

There is so much research out there that just proves that you, as a small business, should be doing video in your business, but this is not going to be that video. How about you just believe me, and then let’s get to the good stuff; how I can help you and give you some tips and stuff. First of all, you need to be making your own videos.

Yes, your jewelry company is making amazing videos for you to share. Don’t get me wrong, they are awesome, and there’s a time and a place for you to share those videos.

Let me tell you… everyone’s sharing those videos.

Everyone is!

And you’re just not another rep.

They can buy jewelry from anyone, right? Any of the jewelry ladies, they could buy jewelry from. But they buy and work with you because, well, you!

You want to brand yourself, and you want to market yourself. That means letting people get to know you, and the best way to do that is in an online environment is through video.

Make your own videos, and use your face, and incorporate your personality.

It’s okay that maybe you don’t have a personality like mine, it’s okay. There’s a lot of people who don’t like this. And you just gotta be okay with it, I am.

I mean personally I’m kind of like, “What’s wrong with them?” But, ya know, you know what I’m saying.

When you use video you want your personality to shine through.

You want to increase that whole know, like, and trust factor, in an online environment, video’s the way to go.

Plus, you’re increasing your reach and your engagement.

Just like anything else you would post in social media, your videos don’t and shouldn’t always be about your product or your service. We don’t want to hear things like, “Buy my jewelry. Book a show. Join my team,” every time you make a post or make a video.

Anytime you post or make a video, it says to people, “Hey, I’m Kari, and don’t forget I sell jewelry,” without having to say, “Hey, I’m Kari, don’t forget to buy my jewelry.” See what I mean?

If you need content ideas I do have a FREE GIFT that will give you what you’re looking for. It’ll only cost you your email.

But wouldn’t you want me to come in your inbox? Party in your inbox! ?

You know you need to be making videos, so you just press record and go, right? Here are a few tips for you:

Look at the camera. Know where the camera is, make eye contact with your viewer. If you’re looking at the wrong place then you are looking over the viewers shoulder, and that’s just not cool. You’re looking at it just to make sure that no one sees the double chin, and that you look your best on camera. But everyone else is going, “Who is she looking at? She’s looking over my shoulder.”

Stabilize your phone. Or have your recording, cause nobody needs to take a motion sickness pill by watching your videos they’re cheaper than you think. Use a flattering angle. No one wants to see up your nose.

Use your frame wisely. This is your frame.

If you get nervous when you’re going to press record, then stand up. By standing up, it raises your testosterone, and that’s going to be more confident, and that’s what people are going to see.

Write a script. I’m not talking word for word, I am talking bullet points. That allows your heart to talk in your message, and keeps you genuine on video.

See, I even scripted out bullet points for this video. Even on the short ones.

Pretend like your phone is your best friend, or Ryan Gosling. Then we’re coy, and we have more fun when we talk to Ryan Gosling, or a best friend. My phone’s name is “Melissa.”

Be aware of what’s behind you. I have a backdrop because of what I do with Driskotech. As a business owner, there are certain things you don’t want to have in your background. Don’t be one of those videos.

Please, have some decent lighting. I work in the basement, I have space for it, and I work in video so I have two soft box lights. Even something like this from Amazon for only $10 is great if you need some extra lighting help. Natural lighting works fabulous, just face a window.

You also want to bring value in your video. You sell jewelry, and you want to sell 50 of every necklace every time you share a video. But people don’t come to Facebook to be sold to, bring them some other value. You have tips and tricks on fashion period, don’t you? Or other things in life, what are the things you know and know well?

Make a video with three to five different pointers about fashion, and how to look your best when you leave the house. Make sure one of those points is something like, “Big earrings and sunglasses.” Then you say, “Click here to go and see my favorite earrings,” and they all happen to be big earrings that you sell.

“Kari, that’s brilliant.”

“I know.”

Here’s another thing, let’s talk Facebook parties specifically.

There is a place for Facebook Live in your Facebook parties.

There is, there truly, truly is.

But it’s not the video where you show all the jewelry, it’s not.

Use Facebook live, something that gives you real time interaction in your introductions:

Welcome to the party, let’s comment with something we love about our hostess, this is how the party works. Now we’re going to do our drawing, or giveaway. Now we’re going to have a Q and A about the opportunity, every question gives you an extra ticket into the drawing. If you show one awesome necklace in a pre-party post.

Stuff like that, but not the video that shows all the jewelry.

That one you edit.

In my professional opinion as a video person, and as my personal opinion as someone who attends a lot of Facebook parties, I don’t have time to watch a long video about all the jewelry that you love.

Let’s face it, we can talk about the jewelry all day, all night, it’s going to be long, and I don’t have time for that. I mean, not during Facebook party times, right?

Normally the kids are asleep and in bed late at night when I’m doing that, but they come out and they interrupt. Now I have to leave, and I jump in, and I jump out, and I miss things. You want them to see all the jewelry, right? Not just hop around. Hop around, jump around. Jump, jump.

If I’m going to watch your live video from start to finish, then you know what? I would much rather be at an in home party eating their drinks … (oops) …eating their food, and drinking their drinks, and visiting with people in real life.

I mean the whole perk of a Facebook party is that I’m shopping from home, without my bra on.

For you as a jewelry lady, you don’t have your bra on either. You can be a total hot mess. I mean, that’s the whole idea right?

Convenience, and flexibility. But you still want to build those personal relationships, and you can do that in video in an edited video. Plus, you can show a ton more jewelry in an edited video. If you do it live, you’ve got a 45 minute video. If you edit, you can whittle it down to three, four, five minutes.

Plus there’s tech issues with live, or dogs bark, or kids walk in. Now you’re wasting your party guests’ time.

You can only be so fun in a live video.

When you edit, it’s so much more entertaining.

“But Kari, do I have to edit?”  No. I’m just saying you can show more jewelry, you can look like you know what you’re doing, and you will stand out from the rest of the crowd, yes you will.

Listen, if you’re wanting to incorporate video into your jewelry lady business, head on over to my Facebook page, “Driskotech.” You’ll get video ideas, inspiration. We’ll have fun, tips and tricks. And check out my website and my YouTube channel.

There’s a lot of free shizz on those things, and example videos.

I have a lot of jewelry videos.

Love my people. 


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