What I Wish I Knew When I Started My Direct Sales Business

What I Wish I Knew When I Started My Direct Sales Business

Looking back and reflecting upon my own previous direct sales business, there’s a lot that I wish I had known. So, I thought I’d ask some of my people on my Facebook Page to send me a video sharing what they wish that they had known when they started their businesses… and they don’t disappoint.

After you watch, leave a comment below on what YOU wish you had known about direct sales when you first got started!

The Transcript:


What do you wish that you knew when you first started in direct sales?

Hmm.  I wish I’d known how to do video better.





Hi, I’m Kari with DRISKOTECH and I help incredible direct sellers and small businesses create video awesomeness for their business.

I have some incredible followers on my page, and so I asked some of them, “What do you wish that you knew when you first signed up with direct sales?”

This is what they said:

I had no idea that I would find a passion to become an entrepreneur.

I wish I would have known just how much I would come to love team-building, developing lasting friendships, and each new team member helps keep my excitement alive for my business.

(written) That like any business adventure, you have to invest in it.

Treat your business like a business.

You’re going to need help and you’re going to want to quit, and if you don’t want to quit, then you haven’t done this job long enough, right?

The people really were interested in my product and that I was doing a service for them.

I had no idea that I would find such awesome women and inspiring women, and then become friends with them.

It’s not all about you.

When I focused my time and energy into the time that I allotted for my business, treating it like a business and taking myself seriously, it became more fun, I started making more money, I was more efficient.

That our tools or products are simple solutions in life for beauty, for fashion, for makeup, and in the kitchen.

I would discover things about myself I didn’t even know that I had inside me, discovered things like I could do this video, to not be freaked out on my mind about doing them.

I guess the biggest surprise was just making new friends, meeting new people, going out of my comfort zone and really finding out that I have more to offer that just being a mom. A mom is great and a mom is good, but there is more here and the world needs to know about it.

That my moxie was exactly what people needed to hear to build a relationship with me for my business.

Used my quirky, funny personality, and next, I didn’t have to be perfect. My hair didn’t have to be done, my makeup didn’t have to be on. I would’ve gotten a way bigger head-start than I did!

I had no idea that I would be passing along the entrepreneurial spirit to my kids.

I wish I had known exactly just how awesome my product is. However, it doesn’t sell itself, because you have got to be even awesomer. That’s right. It’s a word.

When you put the work in, you’re going to get out of it what’s put into it.

Our business, it goes in a 30-, 60-, 90-day cycle. The relationships that we’re building and the work that we’re putting in today, we might not see the cash rolling in for 30, 60 or 90 days.

Place this little reminder notecards around my demo products, so I remember to plant the seeds, like booking, recruiting, hosting.

I  wish that I knew how to make videos. I hope I will be learning to do more with Kari.

Have an accountability partner so that when you’re falling short, they will push you, and when you need help and motivation, they will push you.

Mindset is everything. If you think you can do something, you’re probably right: you can. If you think that you can’t, you’re also right: you can’t.

(written) Quality Training & Marketing that doesn’t have to fit “inside the box” of your company training & marketing. You need to be you; individual, and hold true to yourself!

 I wish I would’ve known how easy it is and not so scary to ask people to join your team and how life-changing it can be for some people and their families.

That no makeup, mm-hm, no makeup, and video are okay to do.

To take control of my calendar and mark specific days each week.

Oh, yeah! And don’t spam your personal timeline!

Just touching my business everyday will mean that I will continue to see payout over the next few months.

When I first started in direct sales, I wished that I knew that it was okay to be me. I was a little worried about being me because, well, everybody just seemed to be better, and it wasn’t that they were better, it was just that they were different, and that being different is okay.  Being in direct sales is not a cookie-cutter business.

Thank God!

Can I get an amen?

There you have it!

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I’m going to do this edited video. Thank you, Kari.

Thanks for all you do for us. I really, really love the videos… Awesomeness! I almost forgot.


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